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Am I stuck in a rut?

When you feel like you're running while standing still?
11 September 2019

Throughout various stages of our lives, it always seems that we’re constantly trying to figure out our next step. As teenagers, we’re forced to decide what we want to do for the rest of our lives -- whether we want to go to college, where do we want to study, what do we want to study, etc. Once in college, things are no different. Some often go through several majors before they figure out the right fit, and then there’s the daunting task of deciding what to do after graduation: to continue going to school or to go straight into the workforce.


The valuable thing about these experiences, however, is the feeling of accomplishing each step and moving forward. But once we achieve these goals, we ask ourselves, “what’s next?” As we progress onward into adulthood, the decisions never stop; in fact, they become increasingly complex as we fall into the daily cycle of navigating relationships, parenthood and careers. The choices we’re often faced with can seem too much at times, and the thought of choosing the wrong options often lead to a state of unhappiness.


In making these tough decisions, we must first determine what makes us happy. Whether it’s marriage or divorce, a new house or new car, or even a long vacation from a job — uncovering our individual needs and wants is the root of what drives our goals and dreams.


At Marengo, credentialed coaches can help you unearth your innermost desires and give you the tools you need to make the decisions best for your individual path in life. Connect with a coach today, and start on the journey to live your best.