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Making the grade takes more than just smarts

Nailing the details with executive function
6 September 2019

In primary school and middle school, everything I learned seemed to just… click. The teacher would teach a lesson in class, and after doing my homework to review the lesson, I’d be set to go. I would do no extra studying, no extra reviewing -- I would do the bare minimum assignments needed to maintain my grades, and be ready for the exam or test when the time came. Surprisingly, I did fairly well.


When I got to high school, however, things took a turn. While seemingly able to retain the material, I struggled with organizational skills. I often couldn’t remember when my tests and/or projects were due. And what resulted from years of simply remembering what was taught in class came a lack of studying skills as well.


I felt defeated. With added workload and extracurricular activities, I didn’t know where to start in even creating a study plan, especially considering that I had never established one in the past. 


It’s never too late, though. If you find that your student is struggling with classes, organization and/or just needing help preparing a study routine, Marengo is here to help. We offer coaching dedicated to preparing students for tests, organizing their schedules, and even overcoming the challenges related to ADHD.


Match with your perfect coach, and start your trek to academic success!