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We all need a nudge sometimes

One thing that never would have happened without my Covid layoff
27 May 2020

In early 2019, I received the idea to start Marengo. I had just moved back to my hometown of New Orleans, and I wanted to run a company that would make an impact in the world. At that point, I’d wanted to be a founder for years, but no idea ever seemed to be the right fit. I looked within, saw that I myself was struggling to feel inspired, and recognized that so many others were in the same boat. 


So I began to build the company but realized that it would take time, so I decided to make it a side hustle and took on a “regular” job to pay the bills. It’s so hard emotionally and financially to devote ourselves to our passion. Sometimes it’s not even an option to do so financially. It was for me, and I look back to those days unsure of why I didn't go for it from day one. It’s hard to leave the security of what we know. To step out and trust that we’ll land on our feet. 


About a year and a half later, I was laid off from that job as a result of the pandemic, and it’s with much gratitude that I thank the universe for giving me that nudge. I don’t think I would have had the strength to leave a steady job, and I wasn’t able to build Marengo without devoting myself full-time to doing so. I myself was in a rut -- the same rut that Marengo exists to help folks get out of. 


As is always the case, there was a definite benefit that resulted. My experience not only boosted my empathy to better connect with our members, but it has allowed me to commit 100% to helping the world live inspired lives.