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Nailing the details with executive function
6 September 2019

In primary school and middle school, everything I learned seemed to just… click. The teacher would teach a lesson in class, and after doing my homework to review the lesson, I’d be set to go. I… Read more

My passions have changed, so should I let myself pursue less ambitious goals
20 August 2019

When I entered business school in 2009, I asked one of the lead administrators what alumni consider to be the happiest, most fulfilling time of their careers. She gave an uncomfortable look and… Read more

3 ways to set yourself up for success by playing to your strengths
13 July 2019

We hear a lot about the superpowers that come with ADHD, but it can be hard to let those superpowers shine. Here are three steps to position yourself for success:   #1: Be aware: get to know… Read more