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Who are the coaches?

We're bringing you the best of the best. Marengo coaches are credentialed through the highest calibre programs available: 

Personal coaches are credentialed through ICF (International Coach Federation) 

Executive coaches are certified through Columbia University

We want to make sure the chemistry is right between you and your coach. You’ll enter some inputs that will allow our algorithm to match you with the right coach, but if it doesn’t feel right, we will accommodate your request to switch coaches.

Coaching and counseling are quite different. Where counseling seeks to resolve issues from the past in order to create a brighter future, coaching focuses on building an action plan to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. A coach will help you clarify your goals and build a plan to reach them.

You'll set up a time that works for you and your coach and then meet at that time twice a month. Each session is 50 minutes. Of course, you or your coach are allowed to reschedule as needed with a 24 hour notice to avoid forfeiting the session. 

To join Marengo, it costs $240/month, and we recommend a coaching engagement last at least six months. Discounts are available for longer term commitments. 

You'll meet with your coach twice a month, and each session will last 50 minutes. Enter into coaching with the understanding that you're responsible for creating your own results. You can discontinue at any time.

For executive coaching, we have a bespoke pricing model for each engagement. Click here to contact us and learn more. 

You and your coach will work closely to get you on the right path. It's a collaborative process with joint responsibility. To have a successful engagement, here's what you'll do:

- Communicate openly and honestly
- Be ready to create a desired vision for your life
- Commit to fully engaging in the process
- Take ownership of your goals 

In response, your coach will commit to the following:

- Be prepared and present in the moment
- Ask direct and thoughtful questions that lead you to deep exploration
- Challenge habits, beliefs, and behaviors that do not serve you
- Advocate for your desired vision

The conversations you have with your coach are confidential. Your coach may consult with other Marengo coaches on best practices to support your growth without sharing any of your personal information. 

Information will only be shared outside of our sessions with your written consent. Confidentiality may be broken if you express abuse or neglect to children/elderly or if you threaten to harm either yourself or another person.